Finding Freedom from Fear in Forgiveness, 15 Sept

Posted on 6 Sep 2021

Finding Freedom from Fear in Forgiveness - free Webinar on Wednesday, 15 September (7pm – 8.30pm)

It is often said that to err is human but to forgive is divine.

So that’s why other people were invented so we can forgive them whilst never of course needing forgiveness ourselves!  😊

Sometimes we use words so often they can lose some of their power and potency because we think we know what they mean.  We also assume that everyone else also knows what they mean and so there is no need to explore their hidden depths and their connections.

For here we have three simple words all beginning with the letter F that are ever present in the human condition and offer so much in terms of how as human beings we can connect, reconnect, repair, restore, heal and so much more.

Yet what do they mean unto themselves as processes and what they can bring to our processes as human beings as we hopefully aim to set each other free from the past and able to better Face the Future together rather than apart?

Freedom: From what, for what, to do what?

Fears: How to understand them and place them safely so as not be governed by them on the one hand whilst not ignoring them on the other either.

Forgiveness:  Finding more from forgiveness beyond the personal of – I forgive you; you forgive me.

In this, the latest in this free Webinar series on Sustainable Relationships and Resolving Conflict we shall begin to explore the power of each of these profound processes and how they can individually and together define not who and what we are and where we have come from but who we can and might be in the Future.

We may not cover all the bases of what these profound states and processes are and offer but if we can all find ways to be more Free, less Fearful and more Forgiving of ourselves and others then it will most certainly be 90 minutes well spent together.

Facilitator: Tony Kearney

Tony grew up in New Zealand where he trained as a solicitor. He then worked as a solicitor in London for over 20 years before moving to Ireland in 2006 to further his work around building sustainable relations into the future. This includes planting a forest on the farm where he now lives and acting as a Mediator in workplace, community, schools, family, and commercial disputes. Tony is also a skilled facilitator and trainer and runs many training and other events and is the author of five books. 

It is not necessary to have attended any of the previous Webinars to join the process as they are all designed as stand-alone events.

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