Environment, SDG & Circular Economy Workshop - Airfield, 25 June

Posted on 14 Jun 2019

You are invited to a thematic, idea-generation workshop in collaboration with Airfield Estate on Environment, SDG and Circular Economy on Tuesday, 25 June from 2 pm - 5pm (registration from 1.30pm) at Airfield Estate, Dublin 14. 

The aim for participants is to share ideas and to examine the development of projects that could seek funding and address/mitigate climate change and environmental challenges.  The ideas shared and generated will be open source and participants are free to follow their development. 

REGISTER or more info:info@fundingmaster.eu

Funding Master is organising the workshop to inform participants, ourselves and potential partners.  There is no cost to attend and no obligation on participants.

Time to stop talking about the problems! Lets talk about doing something about it!