Discount on Defibrillators for Members of The Wheel

Posted on 28 Nov 2019

Around 5,000 people die from sudden cardiac arrest every year in Ireland (HSE).

Most of these occur outside of the hospital, at home, in work or during leisure activities. The best chances of surviving a sudden cardiac arrest are obtained by implementing the ‘chain of survival’, a system of life-saving actions that can increase survival rates to over 50%. For every minute that CPR and defibrillation are delayed, the victim’s chance of survival is reduced by up to 10% (American Heart Association).

For this reason, many communities and workplaces are installing Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) and training responders how to use them. This allows the first 3 links in the chain of survival to be performed by members of the community. An AED is a device that when attached to somebody in cardiac arrest, will analyse their heart rhythm, decide if a shock is required and deliver a potentially life-saving shock to ‘restart’ the victim’s heart.

Chain of survival

HeartSafety Solutions are offering members of The Wheel significant discounts on their range of AEDs (see here).

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