Digital Skills and Employment Programmes for Smarter and Resilient Communities

Digital Transformation has an impact on every aspect of Europeans’ lives and, most of all, on their workplace, where 9 out of 10 jobs in Europe soon enough will require digital skills. DIGITALEUROPE’s workshop aims at sharing French, Italian, Spanish, Polish and Luxembourgish experiences of going beyond the basic and investing in medium and advanced technical digital skills to prepare local communities for the jobs of digital tomorrow. In the context of new MFF, we will present best practices from ESF reskilling projects and discuss the learning for the new ESF+ digital skills and KET training and education programmes.

Basic digital skills are a must for everyone to be an active citizen of the society. However, for the effective employability programmes in the era of digital transformation, the Europeans need to gain digital skills on medium and advanced levels. It is a matter of choice between becoming digital users or digital creators.

It is key for the digital skills of all levels to be accommodated in every local and regional programmes and projects, where the most successful employability interventions happen. 

During the session we will discuss DIGITALEUROPE Position Paper on EU funding for digital skills in the next EU budget 2021-2027, in the context of the experience and learnings gathered from existing projects and programmes.

Code: 08WS532
Speakers: Carlos Bertran, Marjut Dieringer, Samia Gozhlane, Weronika Jakubowska-Pietras, Yann Mazuet, Giorgio Ventre
Theme: A smarter Europe 
Venue: Building SQUARE - Brussels Convention Centre, Room 311+312.
Address: Mont des Arts, 1000 Brussels