Definitive Guide to Fundraising & Tips For Fundraising Video's

Posted on 16 Jan 2019 have used  their 25 years industry experience to create the Definitive Fundraisers Guide and Video Tips & Tricks. They are the perfect resource for any charity that relies on collections for donations.

The guide gives a simple breakdown of how to organize a successful charity bag packing, street collection, church collection and more. The videos are a great resource to send to volunteers before a collection to ensure everybody follows the same protocol and represents your charity in the best way possible!

You can watch all of the videos and download the guide for free at: also carried out a survey to find out what encourages the general public to donate more to charity collections. The charity materials company had a great response and found out some interesting statistics on what sways the public to make a donation or not.

  • 58% of respondents said they would give more money if the collector was wearing a bib identifying the charity
  • 92% more would be donated if the collector was using a labeled and sealed bucket
  • 51%  more would be donated if the donor saw a poster before seeing the collector

They used the valuable statistics when creating their guide & tutorials to make sure they were giving the best advice to increase donations.