Check-Ins & #SocEntIRL & more...

Posted on 17 Jul 2020

The Irish Social Enterprise Network, in collaboration with the Department of Rural and Community Development, are bringing together social enterprises every Tuesday at 13:00 over lunch time Zoom calls. We alternate each Tuesday between a Check-In (get to know you session and updates) and Webinar (speaker or speakers on topics of interest). No matter your circumstances, join us over lunch to contribute, to update people on the sector and to listen for stories and to give a platform to social enterprise.

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These gatherings will be small but they are free and open and we hope you will join the sector on these community events. Our next check-in is next Tuesday July 21st at 13:00, so please check out our links below. As ever, this is not the only thing we are doing, so always check out the website for more info: 

  • Lunchtime conversations with social enterprises
  • Kerry Local Social Enterprise Networking 23rd July at 14:00
  • Join us for #SocEntIRL - Twitter Hour for Social Enterprises Wednesdays @ 9pm

Check-Ins & #SocEntIRL & more...