The Challenges of Success Addressing Population Growth in Ireland - Dublin, 26 Nov

Posted on 19 Nov 2019

Social Policy Conference
Ash Suite, Croke Park, Drumcondra, Dublin 9
26 November 2019

Ireland's growing and ageing population is a success story. We have one of the youngest populations in Europe, with a comparatively high birth rate.
Advances in healthcare provision and healthier food, an increased awareness of wellbeing, and improved standards of living more generally have led to low infant mortality rates and increased life expectancy.
But these improvements are not being experienced equally by all groups in Irish society, and they bring with them challenges in many policy areas.

In the first of a series of conferences on Ireland's changing demography, we focus on children and older people:

  • What demographic trends can we expect to see over the coming decades?

  • How can we harness the 'demographic dividend' that comes with having one of the youngest populations in Europe?

  • What are the biggest policy challenges around accommodation and care that Ireland will face as older people make up an increasingly higher proportion of our population?

  • What policies are needed to support these two cohorts and what solutions are available to meet the challenges brought on by our own success?

Please join us at Croke Park Conference Centre for what promises to be a highly engaging and stimulating conference.

PLEASE NOTE:  In a change to previous years, this event will not be livestreamed.

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