Catering Supervisor Role with Carmichael, 30 hours per week

Posted on 1 Jul 2021

Job Title: Catering Supervisor 

Company: Carmichael Centre for Voluntary Groups 

Department: Facilities 

Location: Carmichael House 

Reports to: Customer Services Coordinator/Facilities Manager/Supervisor on duty 

Hours of work: 30 hours Monday to Saturday, flexible to suit catering and facilities requirements (time off in lieu will be granted for any excess hours worked). 

Compensation: €12 per hour.  20 days annual leave. 

Job Purpose: Managing and delivering the provision of catering services to staff, resident members, and external groups using meeting room facilities.  In the event that there is no catering needed that day, assisting in the provision of a quality facilities service at the Carmichael Centre. 

Key Responsibilities: 


  • Review bookings for week ahead on Salesforce with Customer Service Manager – use this as basis for menu planning for week ahead 

  • Order supplies as per requirement from approved suppliers 

  • Check all catering supplies on delivery – if absent delegate this task 

  • On a daily basis, allocate tasks as per the daily catering need 

  • Ensure correct record keeping is kept on a daily basis, temperature, cleaning, refrigeration etc. 

  • Keep catering area clean during food preparation as per the HCAAP Principles  

  • Ensure food safety through compliance and adherence to HCAAP requirements at all times in the preparation of food 

  • Daily clean down of kitchen and catering area 

  • Weekly clean of kitchen trollies with appropriate cleaning product 

  • Monthly clean of fridge seals, freezers  

  • Responsible for all kitchen and service equipment – notify Facilities Manager if there is a problem with any of the catering equipment 

  • Management of dry goods area including cleaning, stock rotation and stock management 

  • Stock control of catering supplies 

  • Rotation of food supplies 

  • Ensure correct labelling of all foods  

  • Compliance with the Centre’s recycling policy 

  • Ensure only HCAAP trained staff work in the kitchen 

  • Ensure only food prepared on the premises maybe consumed on the premises  

  • Any other duties that may be required from to time  

In the event that there is no catering needed that day, the role will assist in the provision of a quality facilities service at the Carmichael Centre: 

  1. Facilities Team   

  • Check the daily schedule / bookings for each meeting room. 

  • Set up and deliver refreshments for meeting rooms as per bookings 

  • Clean tables, chairs and any other furniture / as and when needed 

  • Ensure all necessary supplies are in place prior to meeting paper, markers, leaflets, information, health & safety announcement cards 

  • Clear up meeting rooms after meetings and washing up 

  • Empty bins and replace liners. Wash as needed. 

  • Vacuum carpets 

  • Ensure tables are wiped down and free from all stains 

  • Ensure chairs are clean and free from dust/crumbs 

  • Wipe down white ducting 

  • Ensure window sills and all horizontal surfaces are clean and free of dust 

  • Check leaflet holders and ensure all documentation is in it’s appropriate place 

  • Remove any used cups, saucers, cutlery 

  • Remove any flip chart paper used 

  • Clean down white board if necessary 

  • Ensure there are markers for flip chart and whiteboard to hand 

  • Ensure meeting rooms are fresh, clean and ready for set up of next meeting 

Other Duties: 

  • Reporting any maintenance/ Health & Safety issues to the Facilities Manager or Supervisor on duty. 

  • Assisting the Customer Services Coordinator/Facilities Manager with spring cleaning projects  

  • Compliance with the Centre’s recycling policy 

  • Any other duties that may be required from to time 

Application Details:

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This job role is supported by the Department of Rural and Community Development and Pobal through the Community Services Programme.