Call for Research Participants

Posted on 8 Apr 2021

This is a request to participate in a survey being conducted by Jason Quinn, I am a PhD student, currently enrolled in TU Dublin under the supervision of Dr. Matt Bowden. The survey is designed to capture a broad and diverse range of opinions pertaining to security and is divided into two sections. The first seeks to explore the attitudes of respondents towards security and the second will focus on capturing biographical information such as socio-economic background, and geographical location. The survey is anonymous, anyone taking part is asked to do so voluntarily and to give their consent. Participants must be over 18.  

Survey Link:  

The link to the Supporting Website with information:   

The survey is part of a larger project called Becoming and Being Secure: Investigating and Exploring the Security Habitus. The overall objectives of the project are to investigate the effects that the entry of the private sector into the security environment has had on the private individual and what this means for the area of security provision in the national context.  

I am a Government of Ireland Scholar; my project is funded under the auspices of the Irish Research Council and the Government of Ireland Scholarship Programme. I can be contacted directly at my TU Dublin email address alternatively you can view my TU Dublin profile at