Brief intervention training to support positive relationships in practice

Posted on 30 Jun 2021 Last updated on 12 Jul 2021

Irish charity, Ag Eisteacht, is running three brief intervention training courses to support frontline practitioners to build positive relationships in their work.

ABLE brief intervention training (Adopt a relational approach, Build & Boundaries, Listen and Empower & End) shares evidence-informed insight, knowledge and skills in a small group, experiential way. It also gives attendees a framework to manage their time and boundaries for their own wellbeing.

Bookings are now open:

Online| August 25th, September 9th & 10th  – an online Zoom course

Dublin |September 28th, October 12th & 13th – an in-person course at The Wisdom Centre, Dublin

Cork | November 10th, 24th, 25th  – an in-person course at Northridge House in Blackrock, Cork

Facilitated by two licensed Ag Eisteacht trainers, this subsidised, accredited course includes a follow-up ABLE in Practice refresher session to build a community of practice for practitioners interested in taking a relationship-centred approach in their work.

Dr Maeve Hurley, CEO and founder of Ag Eisteacht, said: “Relationships matter. Relationships in practice matter. Studies show that practitioners’ ability to listen, understand and empathise impacts positively on health and wellbeing outcomes.  But there are times when we might hesitate to engage in a difficult conversation for fear of saying the wrong thing or feeling overwhelmed.  The reality is that workload and time pressures, uncertainty around boundaries and the worry that we may be expected to ‘fix’ something, can sometimes limit our ability to respond appropriately.

“Our ABLE brief intervention model supports practitioners in managing a brief intervention in an empathetic way while looking after their time and boundaries also.”

If you are interested in understanding more about the role of positive relationships in frontline practice - and the transformative impact of them on your clients, patients and service users - please book today via the links above as places are limited.

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