Barnardos Webinar: Making the Most of Supervision (A 3 day course for Supervisors)

Posted on 23 Mar 2021

 The aim of this course is to generate a positive relationship between supervisor and supervisee focusing on quality practice and, through this, to inspire and motivate staff in their work.   This 3 day course is suitable for anyone working with children and adults in a supervisory role within social care, health care or in early years settings. On completion of training, participants will be able to identify key features;

  • functions and benefits of supervision
  • use and review a supervision contract
  • apply the Kolb Cycle and feedback in supervision
  • identify the impact of power, authority and heightened emotions (anxiety) on the supervision process
  • identify the impact of organisational culture on supervision
  • apply skills to address issues of blocked performance

Cost includes Tony Morrison's 'Staff Supervision in Social Care Manual'.

 Dates: The training is held over 3 days on Wed 12th and Thurs 13th May and Tues 22nd June 2021. 

  Time: 10.00am to 5.00pm 

   Fee: €454

  Online booking now open