AkiDwA Urges State to Address Systemic Discrimination Against Migrant Women at tomorrow’s 20th Anniversary Conference 

Posted on 27 Sep 2021

AkiDwA Urges State to Address Systemic Discrimination Against Migrant Women at tomorrow’s 20th Anniversary Conference 

Online Event:  Tuesday, 28 September, 10.30am-1pm:https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/166150975039   

In a conference organised by AkiDwA, the network of migrant women, the organisation will highlight the significant challenges which remain to integration for migrant women.  

AkiDwA, Ireland’s national network for migrant women, aims to address the longstanding issue of stigmatisation facing migrant women in Ireland at their upcoming conference which has been organised as part of AkiDwA 20th anniversary celebrations. 

The “Lifting the Stigma Against Migrant Women” conference, which takes place tomorrow, 28th September, in Dublin’s EPIC Museum, is organised under Forum—a European Union (EU) partnership project between seven EU countries which was established to fight stigma against migrants, encourage civic partnership, and promote tolerance and understanding.  

The conference will bring together key stakeholders to tackle stigmatization, inclusivity, migrants’ rights and integration, among a variety of other issues.  

Dr. Salome Mbugua, CEO of AkiDwA, said: “Despite migrant women’s resilience, we are still far from achieving equality. Racism and discrimination continue to affect migrants. Access to employment, services and support are hindered by employer bias and lack of cultural competence.”  

The conference will engage participants including representatives from Government Departments and agencies, academics, and experts working on equality and diversity from a wide range of backgrounds. Amongst the ten guest speakers are Labour TD, Ivana BacikMayor Uruemu Adejinmi of Longford County Council and Sinéad Gibney, Chief Commissioner at the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission.  

The conference, which begins at 10.30am and runs until 1pm, will consist of an opening session followed by two panel discussions. The first panel titled “20 Years of Activism” will see representatives from Cáirde, Dignity Partnership, Paypal, and Maynooth University discuss current issues facing migrant women and the work their respective organisations have been doing in order to mitigate the stigmas surrounding migrant women and to promote equality.  

In the second panel, “Shaping the Future,” a number of government representatives will explore the policy implementations and community engagements necessary to secure a more inclusive and integrated future for migrants in Ireland. Certificates will also be awarded to the migrant women who successfully completed the Door to Work programme—AkiDwA’s employment initiative run in partnership with PayPal. 

While the guest speakers and a limited number of audience members will be present at the EPIC museum, due to COVID-19 restrictions the conference will be livestreamed to a wider audience via Facebook, YouTube and Zoom. Attendees can register for the Zoom event for free via AkiDwA’s Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/166150975039     

About AkiDwA: AkiDwA is a charity formally known as Akina Dada Wa Africa (Swahili for sisterhood). Established in Dublin in 2001, AkiDwA has been representing migrant women in Ireland for almost two decades by providing policymakers with the unique perspective of a migrant-led national women’s organisation. AkiDwA takes a holistic approach to integration that involves promoting both a migrant and gender-specific approach to public services and by encouraging migrant women to access mainstream services and initiatives. We promote equality and justice for all migrant women in Ireland by ensuring equal opportunities and equal access to resources for all.