50% off for Wheel members Finding our calm in Covid days -Practical Mindfulness

Posted on 19 Jun 2020

Course fee is €280.00 but I am keeping six places @€140.00 for members of the Wheel. Please email deehennessy01@gmail.com  confirming your Wheel membership for a coupon code to book a place for €140.00. I will hold these six places until Friday June 27th. Thank you 


What is Mindfulness and Compassionate Living all about?

This live online Mindfulness  course designed especially for these pandemic days is a gentle, practical, timely introduction to how mindfulness can help us to regulate and build resilience in times of great change. The course begins on Wed  July 8th from 7pm to 8.30pm  and continues  for eight Wednesday evenings until Wed Aug 26th . There is also a one day of practise which will take place on Saturday Aug 15th  from 9.50am to 3pm.

If you are in a place in your life where you want to deal with stress and anxiety,  learn how to recognise and manage patterns, habits and behaviours that do not serve you well, this course is for you. If you want to learn the simple skill of living more in the present moment, finding joy in the life you have, and living more from a place of gratitude and compassion this course is for you.

During this eight week course we learn to notice the unhelpful mindful chatter, to more skilfully deal with stress, anxiety and worry, and to connect with our own peace, joy and happiness.  Week by week  we  will build  the muscle of mindfulness and compassionate living, training our monkey mind, much like we would  go to the gym to tone and strengthen our body.

The Science behind the practise

With over 3500 research articles on mindfulness the evidence base is strong. Neuroscientists have discovered that after just eight weeks of mindfulness practise the brain literally changes shape. They have found changes in the cerebral cortex, in the hippocampus and in the amygdala all indicating that we become happier, more focussed, more compassionate (to ourselves and others).  There is also evidence that we are better able to deal with anxiety and stress, we have greater attention and clarity, learning becomes easier, we are better able to remember, and the ageing process also slows down.

The Eight Week Course  

Each week you will receive weekly session notes along with accompanying recorded mindfulness practises for use at home in between our weekly sessions.  By the end of the eight weeks you will have your own Mindfulness Toolkit of tips, practises and resources to help you maintain inner peace and equilibrium whatever the outer circumstances of your life..

Over the eight weeks we will cover topic such as:

* What mindfulness is and what it is not 

*The evidence base for mindfulness from neuroscience

* Simple ways to incorporate mindfulness into your everyday life at work and at home

* How mindfulness can help you to deal with stress and anxiety

* Learning to respond to your life challenges rather than reacting to them. 

CPD cert available on completion of the course.

Course instructor is Dee Hennessy, a professional mindfulness teacher  for over twenty years  with a Masters in Mindfulness from UCD Ireland  and full membership in the MindfulnessTeachers Association of Ireland (MTAI).

What past participants have had to say

'  Great course - Dee was amazing and knowledgable '

' Dee was authentic and realistic on the topic, a great mix of practise and theory '

' Very relaxing course. I gained a lot of insight over the weeks '

' Great course that will benefit me personally and professionally '

' I loved that Dee did not bombard us with handouts and information. The course was expereintial - so    practical '

' Enjoyed the different ways that mindfulness was explained and demonstrated. I really enjoyed this            introduction to Mindfulness and I will now take it further in my own life'

' Very relaxed environment. Our facilitator ( Dee) really knows her stuff and was passionate about the     content. Great groupwork.'