1 day taster to Syntropic Agriculture, 13 July

Posted on 9 Jul 2024

Date: 13 July

Time: 10:00am  – 4:00 pm

Syntropic agriculture is a form of agriculture that works with life’s principles. That respects the principles of life. Its a way of thinking philosophy and principles. 

The course will introduce participants to syntropic agriculture and its principles. We will explore the questions:

  • How do we create food systems that s that are able to over flow in abundance of energy? That sequester carbon, build biodiversity that heal our landscapes
  • How we can work with natural succession and fertility cycles in order to heal of our communities and landscapes.

The day will be a blend of Theory/Principles and practical hands planting and talking

Learning outcomes

•What is Syntropic Agroforestry? 

• Soil building and natural cycles

• How to plant a guild

It will give participants the knowledge and inspiration to begin to explore similar systems in their communities.

Investment in the day €50.

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