Turn2Me Offering Free Counselling to Ukrainians!

Posted on 16 Aug 2023

Turn2me, a national mental health charity and a member of The Wheel, is offering all Ukrainians staying in Ireland up to 6 free one-to-one counselling sessions. The charity is also offering free online support groups for Ukrainians. The initiative is funded by a grant from the Community Foundation Ireland, as part of the Ireland for Ukraine project.

Sessions will be conducted by a mental health professional, in English. Ukrainians will be connected to psychotherapists who have experience working with clients who have been through a traumatic event.

Follow the below steps to avail of these free counselling sessions:

  1. Go to www.turn2me.ie
  2. Click on “Create a new account”
  3. Input all your details as directed, for “Company code / Refugee Code” Input “UKR”
  4. Once registration is completed, all counselling slots within Turn2Me's free service, and their weekly support group will be available for registration in advance of the scheduled date and time.

Turn2Me is delighted to be able to offer this service to Ukrainians living in Ireland. Therapy is vital for people who have been through a trauma like fleeing war. Turn2Me's psychotherapists will help them deal with this trauma and process it in a healthy environment. For more information or to sign up to these services, follow the above steps on Turn2Me.ie

Please note, Turn2Me also offers free counselling sessions to non-Ukrainians, on Turn2Me.ie. The above process is to pair Ukrainians with psychotherapists who have experience dealing with war trauma.

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