New Requirements for CRO Submission from June

Posted on 31 May 2023

From 11 June 2023, the Companies Registration Office will require the submission of a company director’s Personal Public Service (PPS) Number when completing certain forms related to their organisation.

In line with  the Companies (Corporate Enforcement Authority) Act 2021, the CRO will now require a director’s PPS number to be included in the below filings:

  • Form A1- An application made to incorporate a company.
  • Form B1 - An annual return of a company of which they are a director. This information will be required for all directors of the company.
  • Forms B10/B69 - A notice of change of directors or secretaries by a company of which they are a director.

PPS Verification

PPS numbers will be verified against records held by the Department of Social Protection, in a process similar to that of completing a company’s Register of Beneficial Owners.

If the submitted PPS number, name, or date of birth do not exactly match the records held, the submission may be rejected.

Company Directors who do not hold a PPS number will need to complete a separate Verification of Identity Process.

We recommend that members familiarise themselves with this process, particularly as B1 Annual Returns become due for 2022 returns. Delays in the return being accepted may cause it to become overdue.

For more information on these requirements, including the Verification of Identity process, visit the CRO website or contact them on