Family Resource Centre National Forum Calls for €3.34 million in Core Funding

Posted on 9 May 2023

The Family Resource Centre National Forum (FRCNF), the national representative body for Family Resource Centres (FRCs) in Ireland, has called for an additional €3.34 million in core funding to ensure they can continue to support children, families and communities throughout Ireland.

The Family Resource Centre programme is the largest community-based family support programme in Ireland and is marking its 25th anniversary at an event in Dublin’s Mansion House today.

83 of 121 FRCs not receiving minimum level of core funding

There are 121 Family Resource Centres in Ireland, and according to Fergal Landy, CEO of the FRCNF, an increase in core funding is vital to ensure continuity of support. “Last year, in partnership with our core funder Tusla, the FRCNF identified a figure of €166,400 as a minimum level of core funding required to operate an FRC. A significant number of FRCs – 83 of 121 - are not currently receiving this minimum level of funding which is having a significant impact on future planning to ensure sustainable service provision.

“We have identified that – applying a 4% sustainability increase – FRCs need a minimum level of core funding of €173,000 for 2023, a total additional investment of €3,344,637 from 2022. While this is not a reflection of the true cost of delivering an FRC, it would allow FRCs currently receiving less than the minimum core funding to increase their capacity to deliver support to their respective communities.

“This funding will mean more children, families, individuals, and communities will be supported and empowered, and more resources will be accessed for those communities through the leveraging of other potential funding opportunities.”   

Annual Report 2022

The FRCNF also launched its 2022 annual report at today’s event. Also speaking today was Louise Moran, Chair of the FRCNF, who said: “Despite a number of challenges in 2022, the FRC programme remains Ireland’s largest national family and community-based support programme of its kind, operating a human rights-based approach to community development and family support across the life-course.

“During the Covid-19 pandemic, and more recently during the response to people displaced by the war in Ukraine, FRCs have been to the fore in leading community-based initiatives that have formed a vital part of the State’s overall response in each instance.”

Examples of the support provided by FRCs in 2022 includes:

  • 60,000 counselling sessions for children, adolescents, adults, couples and families were delivered;
  • 30,000 adults and children benefited from food bank initiatives;
  • There were 90,000 adult and child beneficiaries of community-based initiatives;
  • 26,000 education courses and initiatives were provided; and
  • 30,000 adults received admin support such as interview skills training and IT support.

Strategic Plan 2023

In 2023, the FRCNF will launch its 5-year Strategic Plan which will guide the FRCs towards their collective future.

Mr. Landy concluded: “The National FRC Programme is now again at a pivotal point. We believe that the important space we occupy between communities and the wider system represents a valuable counterbalance to the State model of service provision and an important strategic opportunity to weave informal and formal supports to empower communities to achieve their optimal wellbeing. 

“Key to the continuation of this support is an increase in funding to ensure that FRCs around the country can continue to deliver their vital work.”

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