Carmichael & The Wheel Launch Cutting Edge Boards Resource

Posted on 14 Mar 2023

This week Carmichael and The Wheel are delighted to launch a new resource supporting effective board meetings and the integration of technology into board activities. This document was developed following a very popular event, called Cutting Edge Board Meetings, co-hosted by Carmichael and The Wheel during Charity Trustees Week 2022.  

This online event pulled together an expert panel to discuss and reflect on the implications of virtual and hybrid meetings for charity boards. The discussion ranged across the opportunities and challenges presented by the use of technology to facilitate board meetings and how best to ensure effective and collaborative meetings in the context of new technologies and age-old challenges.  

The Cutting Edge Boards document launched this week summarises the main insights from the event, including a link to watch a recording of the panel discussion itself, the perspectives of a CEO and Chariperson on the implications of this move to integrate technology into board activities and a list of valuable resources and guidance for trustees who want to enhance their board meetings through the use of technology and other meeting and communication techniques. 

In a poll of 112 participants at the event 88% said that their organisation had used hybrid and/or virtual board meetings since February 2022. When asked their individual preference for board meetings, 43% would prefer meetings alternating between in person and online, 25% would prefer all meetings to happen in person, 21% would prefer hybrid meetings (where some attendees participate in person and others attend via video technology) and finally 11% would prefer all meetings to take place virtually/online. A clear majority, at 67%, are satisfied that they have been at least somewhat successful in blending the opportunities of both in-person and online meetings.  

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