Increased funding for Almost 400 Community-based organisations Announced

Posted on 31 Jan 2023

Minister for Community Development, Integration and Charities, Joe O’Brien, has announced that almost 400 community organisations will receive additional funding under the Community Services Programme.

The Community Services Programme is an initiative designed to support community-based businesses, social enterprises and organisations that provide local services and create employment opportunities for disadvantaged people.

The announcement sets out the awarding and issuing of new contracts with revised funding rates under the Programme.

In a further enhancement of the programme, organisations may draw down a full contribution based on 37.5 hours per week per worker, rather than 39 hours, as was previously the case.

The new funding rate allocation model will see the department’s support for the programme rise by more than €5 million, to almost €49 million.

An increase of €4,000 for both full-time positions and a manager will be provided for organisations considered to have a ‘high funding need’.

For organisations considered to have a ‘medium funding need’ there will be a €2,000 increase per full-time position and manager provided. There will be no change for the small number of organisations considered to have a low funding need – these are organisations with the strongest earning potential operating in less disadvantaged areas.

Minister O’Brien added that a new call for applications under the CSP will be announced shortly.

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