F4S3 Programme has Launched!

Posted on 21 Oct 2022

The Wheel has launched Foundations 4 Sector 3! A new induction training programme developed for people who have recently started working in the charity and community sector, including new entrants, recent college graduates, or those who have made a career change. The course provides participants with an understanding of how the third sector functions.

Modules offered include:

  • Landscape of the Third Sector
  • Public Policy & Advocacy
  • Professional Skills Necessary to Work in the Third Sector
  • Personal Skills Necessary to Work in the Third Sector.

It is a completely free and open-access resource. On the ‘Resources’ page of the website you can download all of the resources for the programme. You can use these resources to deliver the programme to staff in your organisation, either as a package or by selecting the modules to suit the requirements of your learners. Alternatively, you can simply read through the programme material at your own pace. The skills and knowledge gained through the Foundations 4 Sector 3 programme are validated using digital badges. These badges can be shared on social media to celebrate your new skills and knowledge!

Learn more about the programme on the website, or if you have any questions please contact CathyAnne Fox on cathyanne@wheel.ie.

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