The Certified Proud Fund is Now Open!

Posted on 23 May 2022

As we emerge from the pandemic, the need to support the LGBTQ+ community is imperative. Over the past two years, we have seen an increase in homophobic, transphobic and biphobic abuse. It is crucial to ensure LGBTQ+ visibility, safety and inclusivity as we try to create a fair, equal world. 

Founded in 2020, Certified Proud is a membership accreditation body that works with businesses across Ireland to empower them to become safe spaces for the LGBTQ+ community. Each company that signs up to the network agrees to embed the Certified Proud principles of safety, visibility, inclusivity, equality, respect, commitment and advocacy into their organisation. Once a year, each company is audited to ensure they are truly working to promote LGBTQ+ inclusivity. 

Applications for the Certified Proud Fund are now open and will close on 11 June at 5pm. We want to hear from all organisations which are making Ireland a better place for the LGBTQ+ community. So whether you are a charity working with vulnerable members of the LGBTQ+ community or a queer sports club, the Certified Proud Fund is for you!

The Certified Proud Fund aims to financially support charities, non-profit organisations and projects which are working for the betterment of the LGBTQ+ community.

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