Charities Regulator Announces Changes to Annual Reporting

Posted on 15 Dec 2021

The Charities Regulator has announced a number of changes to the Annual Reporting Form for registered charities.

Commencing January 2022, registered charities will be required to submit additional details when completing their Annual Return to the Charities Regulator.

This information falls under the following headings

  1. Layout of income & expenditure information
  2. Number of full-time and part-time employees
  3. Number of volunteers excluding charity trustees
  4. Assets & liabilities at the end of the financial period
  5. Audit of financial statements if relevant
  6. Information on international transfer of funds.

Items 1-4 will be visible on the Public Register of Charities on the Regulator’s website, whereas Items 5-6 will not.

For detailed information on what will be required, please consult the guidance note issued by the Regulator and please contact our Compliance and Metrics Officer, Jon McBride on with any further queries.