Supporting Staff Through COVID-19: New Validated Tool for Nonprofit Sector

Posted on 13 Sep 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic saw organisations dealing with workplace challenges they had not faced before. Remote working became more common for many employees, and while this had positive benefits for some, for others it led to isolation and lack of motivation.

Management were worried about staff and had to find new ways to support them. As we move into 2022 organisations are looking at ways they can further support staff and keep them engaged and motivated. The sector now has a new validated staff engagement assessment tool to help them do so.

The evidence-based Engagement Insight tool, developed for the sector by the sector, is part of an initiative to help organisations improve staff engagement.

Why engagement matters

If you measure it, you can change it. Management teams often know something needs to change, or that staff could be better engaged, but are not always sure what to change or where to start. The tool helps you have an evidence-informed discussion on what is working, what needs to change, and how to prioritise change efforts at team and whole organisation levels.

What does the tool do?

  • Measures levels of staff engagement, as well as the factors that drive engagement.
  • Benchmarks your organisation’s data against peers in the sector.
  • Helps you understand how changes, such as remote working, are impacting on culture and engagement.
  • Facilitates evidence-informed discussions among staff and management on your culture and the things you need to focus on to improve.

How does it work?

The tool is easy to administer and use. Staff complete the survey through an anonymous online form. It takes about five minutes to complete. The information is managed confidentially and is only available to your organisation. Within one month of survey completion, you will receive a detailed, tailored report which uses graphs and charts to show your organisation’s strengths and the areas where improvement efforts should be targeted. The report compares your results to the benchmark, which is updated every quarter. It is recommended that the tool is used every one to two years to show staff that you are dedicated to supporting them.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the report depends on the size of your organisation, starting at €950 for a 25 page report for a small organisation. 

Members of The Wheel receive 10% discount on all costs.

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