Draft National Risk Assessment 2021/2022 - Public Consultation

Posted on 17 Aug 2021

The government has published the Draft National Risk Assessment - Overview of Strategic Risks 2021/2022 for public consultation.

What the National Risk Assessment is

The NRA is a collaborative exercise to identify and discuss significant risks facing the country and feeds into more detailed risk management processes by individual departments and agencies. There are several stages of consultation and discussion to ensure the process is comprehensive and inclusive of all viewpoints.

The draft list of risks is now being published for public consultation. The National Risk Assessment will be finalised on foot of submissions received through this process, and will be published later in the year.

Risks the draft National Risk Assessment 2021/2022 has identified

The NRA was last published in 2019, and since that time the environment has changed dramatically with a number of major risks, most notably the pandemic, coming to pass. Brexit and the cyber-attack on Ireland’s health services are two other major risks that have materialised.

This draft for 2021/2022 includes some new risks including digital exclusion, and economic scarring as well as others that have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic such as housing supply and energy security. These are in addition to a number of issues that remain significant risks for the country including climate change and biodiversity, food safety and demographic pressures.

The experience of the past number of years has heightened the focus on risk management and structures nationally and internationally. The draft report notes some emerging international views on lessons for risk governance, as well as an emphasis at EU level on boosting resilience. There will be scope in the months ahead, as COVID-19 recedes, for further consideration of lessons for risk management.

How you can feed into this process

The public consultation on the draft Report is now underway and is open until Wednesday, 8 September.

Views on the draft list of risks identified are being sought and can be made by clicking here or the view consultation button at the bottom of this page.

If you wish to provide an additional submission you can email nra@taoiseach.gov.ie

Please note that while information from submissions received is posted on www.gov.ie after the public consultation is completed, private individuals' information will not be shared. However, submissions will be subject to Freedom of Information and therefore may be disclosed to third parties.

What happens after the public consultation

The Report will be finalised after all of the survey results and submissions received during this public consultation have been analysed and, where appropriate, incorporated into the Report. The final Report will be published later in the year, subject to approval from Government.

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