1-Minute Insurance Reform Survey

Posted on 14 Jul 2021

The Wheel has been campaigning for affordable insurance costs for our members, as an active part of the Alliance for Insurance Reform, since 2018.

Since 24 April, when the new judicial guidelines on personal injury damages were implemented, your organisation would be entitled to expect the cost of its liability and motor insurance policies to drop significantly on renewal.

The new guidelines, developed by the Judicial Council, do not deliver the 80% reduction in minor injury damages that is necessary to bring us close to comparable jurisdictions. But the 50% reduction delivered is nonetheless significant. Insurance premiums are based on future risk and every accident that happened since April, plus the majority of claims that were in the pipeline at that date will be subject to the new guidelines, so the risk associated with every new liability or motor policy in Ireland has dropped significantly and that should be reflected in the price of those policies.

Now that 2 months have passed since the new guidelines were implemented, we are asking you to let us know whether the benefits of reform have been passed on.

If you have renewed your organisation’s insurance since 24 April, will you please let us know by completing the 1-minute survey at the following link: 

All you need to complete the survey in under 1-minute are the cost of your insurance policy at renewal and the cost of last year’s policy.

We intend to run this survey for the next number of months and use it to inform our interactions with Government, as an active member of the Alliance for Insurance Reform. So needless to say, the more responses we get the better.

Thanks in advance for your active participation.

Learn more about this crucial issue here: https://insurancereform.ie/