Dormant Accounts Fund Action Plan for 2021

Posted on 19 Apr 2021 Last updated on 3 May 2021

As part of the Dormant Accounts Fund Action Plan for 2021, the Department of Social Protection (DSP) are inviting applications from community and voluntary organisations who wish to support and improve the employment opportunities (incl. self-employment opportunities) for People with Disabilities.

There are two key objectives of this funding:

1.    To support People with Disabilities to: access employment; improve their career progression opportunities ‘in work’; and improve their employment outcomes through education and training.

2.    To support potential employers to provide employment for People with Disabilities.

A support event for organisations interested in applying will be held on Thursday 22 April at 2:30pm. Event details and registration are available here

The closing time and date for applications is 3:00pm on Thursday ,13 May.

Please see our How to Apply to DAF page for details.