The Wheel Highlights Key Role of Sector in National Recovery and Resilience Plan Submission

Posted on 25 Feb 2021

On behalf of our members and the wider nonprofit sector, The Wheel has made a submission to the public consultation on Ireland's National Recovery and Resilience Plan.

Ireland is expected to receive €853 million in grants under the EU’s Recovery and Resilience Facility in 2021 and 2022. This facility lies at the heart of the EU’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Its aim is to mitigate the economic and social impact of the pandemic and make European economies and societies more sustainable, resilient and better prepared for the challenges and opportunities of the green and digital transitions. In order to access this funding, Ireland must develop a National Recovery and Resilience Plan for approval by the European Union.

The community and voluntary sector is an essential element of, and a safety net for, Irish society and our economy. The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the extent to which we rely on its services, as well as the integral role that it plays in supporting our people and communities. It is a vital part of our social infrastructure, a significant player in Ireland’s economy, and will have an essential role in delivering the vision of an inclusive recovery for Ireland.

In our recent submission to the Department of the Taoiseach’s public consultation on the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, we highlight the critical role played by community and voluntary organisations, charities and social enterprises in Ireland and call for:

  • Greater recognition and respect for the thousands of organisations that make up our sector;
  • Provision of adequate and sustainable funding for the sector, and
  • Measures to ensure organisations are supported adequately to meet regulatory and funding-related compliance requirements.

This submission builds on The Wheel’s 2020 pre-budget submission, Recovery through Community.

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