SSGT Traveller Accommodation Grant Programme Opens for Applications

Posted on 28 Jan 2021 Last updated on 3 Feb 2021

St Stephen’s Green Trust (SSGT) has a strategic goal of supporting the provision of culturally appropriate, secure, quality accommodation for Travellers by: strengthening organising and campaigning; improving awareness and attitude towards the need for change; strengthening solidarity and improving the policy and legislative framework for the provision of accommodation.

The grant programme has re-opened for a limited time to organisations with projects or programmes focused on the outcomes listed below.  SSGT is interested in work which contributes to these outcomes and adds knowledge and learning to what works. SSGT knows the provision of services for Traveller accommodation is crucial and urgent, its funds seek longer-term focuses - community organising, advocacy, activism and supporting the voice of Travellers to effect change. SSGT is open to funding direct costs of the organising and advocacy and one-off pieces of research or other time-limited projects which add value to the overall goal.  It does not have to be a new project but may add value to current work or builds on previous work.

Outcome 1: strengthened support through organising and campaigning: SSGT is interested in work to support activist groups (particularly young people) to hold local and national government to account for the under-provision of accommodation, using rights-based approaches. This may include support for broad-based coalitions of national and regional organisations to mobilise around an agreed campaign to achieve the right to accommodation.

Outcome 2: improved awareness of and attitude towards need for change in how accommodation is being delivered: work which results in duty bearers (local authority management, politicians and others) acknowledging the need for change and acting accordingly; work which leads to increased awareness of the particular challenges and obstacles to the provision of accommodation among specific target groups and where media and other analysis on housing and homelessness is more likely to refer to the particular issues facing Travellers.

Outcome 3: Strengthened alliances: work which leads to a greater number of Traveller and non-Traveller ‘champions for change’ and improved relationships between stakeholders, building solidarity and alliances.

Outcome 4: improved policies, legislation and change to current practice: work which leads to an increased body of evidence to inform changes in policy and practice and where local and national structures charged with the delivery of accommodation are operating more effectively; work which supports change to legislation, policy and structures to better support the delivery of accommodation.

Find Out More & Apply

SSGT has a two -step process and the first stage is an expression of interest in which the group outlines what it wants to do. More detailed information will be required if the group is invited to proceed to Step 2.  The Expression of Interest form (see link below) should be filled out and emailed to SSGT by Friday 26 February 2021.  

Grant levels will vary from an average of €3,000 to €5,000 for small pieces of research, learning and activism to a maximum €15,000 to €18,000 for work having a greater impact. We can consider multiannual funding. We will prioritise work which cannot be funded from other sources.  We fund core costs and/or project or programme costs.

Enquiries can be made to Orla O’Neill, 085 854 6698 or

Completed forms should be sent to: You will receive an acknowledgement of your application within 7 working days – please contact us if you don’t receive it. 

Further information about SSGT and this programme is available at