The Charity Impact Awards 2020 Now Open for Entries

Posted on 1 Sep 2020

We are delighted to announce that the Charity Impact Awards 2020 are now open for entries.

None of us could have predicted the circumstances in which we're launching this year's awards, but one thing is for certain — it is more important than ever to show the impact of our work.

With our sector's work in the public eye, this is a valuable opportunity to make our impact known and to give your staff ,volunteers and trustees the recognition they deserve! All too often, our members are too busy doing good work to tell the world about it — so take this chance, tell us your story, and let us help you to spread the word!

Award Categories

You can now enter three categories in the Charity Impact Awards. To enter you must submit a written application along with a short video.

Please note: with current circumstances in mind, we have changed the criteria for videos this year. First, your video should be no longer than 60 seconds. Second, your video should start with the following phrase — “We’re working for a future where...” (see website for details).

1. Impact Award  

The Impact Award celebrates the work of community, voluntary, and charitable organisations that have brought about positive change. There are three subcategories for the Impact Award:

  1. Small organisations (no paid staff)
  2. Medium-sized organisations ( annual turnover of less than to €1 million)
  3. Large organisations (annual turnover of more than €1 million).

2. Social Enterprise of the Year Award

This award recognises the impact of social enterprises. Social enterprises are social-mission focused organisations that engage in trading activity in a way to achieve their social mission or to generate a contribution to the cost of delivering their mission.

3. Trustee of the Year Award

The Trustee of the Year Award celebrates the work of active charity trustees (better known as board members). We're giving you a chance to nominate the trustee that most inspires you and who has made a lasting and positive impact in their organisation and community. 

All entries will be promoted on, and the public will have an opportunity to vote for their favourite impact stories. Nominations close on 2 October at 5pm.

It's time to let our light shine!

If you have any queries, please contact

Important Dates for Your Diary:

  • 1 September: Nominations open
  • 2 October: Nominations close
  • 23 October: Shortlists announced. Public voting opens
  • 24 November: Public voting closes 
  • 8 December: Awards Ceremony (online).