Submission of Claims for Charities VAT Compensation Scheme Extended to 31 August

Posted on 19 May 2020

After representations and engagement with Revenue, The Wheel is delighted with the decision to extend the closing date for the VAT Compensation Scheme in 2020 from 30 June to 31 August.

We feel this is very important in the current COVID-19 crisis and the phased re-opening, which only potentially enters the final phase on 10 August and that it will give those charities who need to and cannot safely access their offices, a chance to do so.

The Revenue has asked that charities who can make claims by the earliest possible date, and even by 30 June, to please do so. This is extremely important as the more claims are submitted early, the more checking can be done and the better the prospect for the final amounts to be paid out to charities – it is not possible to determine this payment date but it will hopefully be before end of 2020 and early submissions will aid this significantly.

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