Ecclesiastical Launches the Movement for Good Awards 2021 - Giving Over €1m to Charities In Need

Posted on 24 May 2021

For the third year running, specialist insurer Ecclesiastical is giving away over €1,000,000 (£1 million equivalent) to charities with the return of its Movement for Good awards.

From Monday, 24 May, people can nominate a cause close to their hearts for a potential €1,000 award to help make a difference. Last year an incredible 253,000 people submitted a nomination for their favourite charity.

This year, 500 charities will each receive €1,000 during the first phase of the campaign. A second phase of giving will happen later this summer.

Since the initiative began, the Movement for Good awards have given over €2 million to good causes across Ireland and the UK. Samaritans of Ennis and Clare, Down Syndrome Ireland, CanTeen Ireland, Camara Education, Breakthrough Cancer Research and Galway Cat Rescue were amongst the beneficiaries to receive a €1,000 award in Ireland in 2020, following overwhelming public support.

The nomination process is open until 13 June. Winners will be drawn at random so the more times a charity is nominated the more chance it has of being selected.

It’s quick and easy to nominate, you can vote for your favourite charity online at: 

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