Charities Call for Urgent Donations to Support Covid-19 Response

Posted on 16 Mar 2020

Charities need urgent funds to maintain key health services and supports

The Wheel, the national association of charities is calling on members of the public and the corporate sector to donate to charities that are working on the front line to support and protect vulnerable people in our communities during the COVID-19 crisis.

Deirdre Garvey, CEO of The Wheel, which represents over 1,700 charities, community and voluntary organisations, and social enterprises countrywide, said that a combination of surging demand and collapse of normal fundraising income means that charities need public support right now to an unprecedented extent.

For example:

  • The Irish Cancer Society, which provides a wide range of supports to people with cancer and their families, is down a projected €4m having cancelled Daffodil Day.
  • Pieta House, which supports mental health and anti-suicide measures, are down up to €6m due to the postponement of their Darkness to Light fundraiser. 
  • Church gate collections have been suspended indefinitely, leaving many local charities and community groups without funds for services.  
  • Many other charitable organisations, such as St. Vincent DePaul, foodbanks and rural community groups will be providing support to those suffering immediate hardship and poverty from unemployment because of COVID-19.

Deirdre Garvey added, “Tens of thousands of people woke up this morning with their jobs and income at risk. Our charities and community groups will be facing unprecedented demands to support people in these distressing times. The many others who are lucky to have secure employment and income have an important opportunity to support others by donating to organisations providing services in health and disability, meals on wheels, homelessness, carer supports, poverty relief and other crucial services.”

“In the spirit of social solidarity, it is important for all of us to rise to the developing challenges by supporting our charities and community and voluntary organisations in their vital work.”

“Making donations, however big or small, to the many charities that are working to preserve health and social services, and maintain the very fabric of our society at this time, is something that should be expected of those who can afford it.”

“People whose circumstances prevent them making financial donations could contact their charity of choice and offer volunteer services or whatever other support the charity needs to continue to work effectively. It will take all of us working together to come through this.  Ireland’s national online volunteering database can be accessed by downloading the i-Vol app to your smartphone or at

"We are also calling on the government to put a comprehensive plan in place to support the vital work of charities through this extremely difficult time,” said Deirdre Garvey.


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