Stronger Communities, Stronger Ireland: GE 2020 Campaign

Posted on 14 Jan 2020 Last updated on 3 Feb 2020

On 8 February, you will have the opportunity to help elect a government that will shape a vision for Ireland that is fair and inclusive, and which values the the central role which charities, community and voluntary organisations, and social enterprises have to play in making this a reality.

We are pleased to today be launching our Stronger Communities, Stronger Ireland General Election 2020 campaign, which makes the following four asks of every candidate running for office in General Election 2020:

  1. Recognise and support the value that the charity, community and voluntary, and social enterprise sector adds to society
  2. Support sustainable funding models
  3. Enable responsive services through streamlined compliance systems
  4. Embrace collaborative partnership working with the sector.

The Stronger Communities, Stronger Ireland campaign can only succeed if our members get involved too. 

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While as individuals we may seem but drops in the ocean, once united we are a powerful force. The Wheel will be asking our members to unite behind Stronger Communities, Stronger Ireland to make #WavesForChange

Election Manifesto