On-line applications for tax exemption for charities

Posted on 29 Nov 2019

Revenue has developed an on-line applications system for charities.

This new on-line system is user-friendly and provides a high level of automation and data validation. This will streamline the applications process and reduce processing times.

Applicants will be able to monitor the progress of applications and update Revenue with any change of details for their body. They will receive Revenue notifications on ROS to advise them of the status of their applications.

From 9 December 2019, all applications for tax exemption, for authorisation to operate the Charitable Donations Scheme and to notify Revenue of Winding up, must be submitted to Revenue through this new system. To do this, applicants must first register for Revenue Online Services (ROS) as follows:

Once registered for ROS, the new on-line system can be accessed at:

  • My Services
  • Other Services
  • Charities and Sport Bodies eApplications.

Any questions on this can be directed to Charities and Sports Exemptions Unit

Telephone: 01 7383680