Bank of Ireland - Consultation Opportunity for Charities

Posted on 18 Nov 2019

As part of their people manager programme, Bank of Ireland are seeking to support a number of charities with real challenges and/or projects that need resolving, by partnering them with teams of senior skilled employees over the course of 3 months (Jan-March).

The participating charities will receive free access to a range of professional skills across a varied knowledge base, and will be assigned to a management team who will actively work on the project or challenge submitted. 

Projects/challenges must be submitted through the below SurveyMonkey form no later than 2 December.

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This is a fantastic opportunity for NGOs to benefit from professional skills and expertise across a number of areas such as:

  • Project Management
  • Human Resources
  • Financial Planning/Management/Risk Management; Research;
  • Management Information/Reporting; Data Analytics;
  • Digital/Products/Marketing
  • Customer/Business Development/Stakeholder/Relationship Management
  • Building Networks/Communications
  • Transformation/Change Management; Agile ways of working
  • Governance/Regulation.

Examples of the types of projects the company is looking to help with:

  • Fundraising strategy and campaigns; Increasing reach and generating income
  • Organisational strategy and planning
  • Governance; Managing Reputation and Risk
  • Business development strategy; Digital marketing strategy and planning
  • Customer retention plans
  • Human Resources (policies, practices, ways of working); Learning, development and skills plans
  • Transformation/Change management/AgileOther projects that fit with the skills listed above.

Timeframe and Communications

Expression of interest period will be open from 4th November to 2nd December following which we will review submissions and be in touch with charities to confirm the outcome by 13th January 2020.

The Bank of Ireland team will work on the problem/project for 3 months commencing in January 2020 and it is expected that there will be up to 3 face to face sessions supported by an agreed limited amount of communication/interaction in between meetings.

Team Objective

Once the scope of the project is agreed with the charity/voluntary organisation, Bank of Ireland employees will provide research, advice and guidance, mentoring or proposal and a range of options to address the project challenge identified. The decision to execute the project will be the responsibility of the respective NGO but the project solutions could be part of the organisation’s objectives for 2020 and beyond. 

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