Hundreds of CSO's across Europe Urge EU Leaders to Put Civic Space & Civil Dialogue high on the EU Agenda

Posted on 2 Oct 2019

About 200 civil society organisations from across Europe have co-signed an open letter to MEPs drawing their attention on the missing elements in President-elect Von der Leyen’s mission letters and portfolios of the Commissioners-designate.

The open letter reminds MEPs of their longstanding commitments to develop civil dialogue under the provisions of article 11 of the TEU, urging them for support to reconsider mission letters accordingly. The mandates should cover the whole spectrum of civil dialogue tools.

With regards to its field expertise and connection with citizens, organised civil society should be explicitly considered as a valuable dialogue partner for policy making and evaluation.  The demands come in support of the concerns and proposals put forward by Civil Society Europe in a Roadmap for Civil Dialogue in Europe.

See and sign the open letter

View the signatories HERE.