New Report - The Impact of the 2013 Change in Tax Treatment of Charitable Donations

A new report by Philanthropy Ireland has called for the implementation of a measure to stimulate major gift giving to support the development of philanthropy in Ireland and that the sector needs a change in policy to better align with international best practice in encouraging higher levels of philanthropic giving.

The Impact of the 2013 Change in the Tax Treatment of Charitable Donations provides valuable insights, worthy of discussion and consideration. It is intended to inform strategies for the development of philanthropy in Ireland. We welcome any feedback and we look forward to further development of data to inform the sector.

At a well-attended launch event in Dublin, Philanthropy Ireland underscored its commitment to nurturing an enabling environment for philanthropy in Ireland and leading on the development of a major gift measure to develop philanthropy for the benefit of society.

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Philanthropy Ireland is the representative body for the philanthropic sector in Ireland, our mission being to strengthen the social sector by advancing knowledge, understanding and practice of philanthropy. We represent donors, private and institutional, seeking to empower philanthropy through a dynamic and diverse community of philanthropic interests.

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