The Wheel Publish New Collection of Essays on Civil Society

Posted on 18 Jun 2019

Inspired by our 20th anniversary, The Wheel has published a new collection of essays, papers and personal reflections which explores a variety of perspectives, experiences and issues related to civil society in Ireland and beyond. 

The book, Civil Society: Perspectives and Reflections includes contributions from a number of key figures in civil society, including Dr Shana Cohen (Director of TASC), Dermot McCarthy, Dr. Fergal O'Ferral and Justin Kilcullen. The collection also includes a paper by The Wheel's founder, the late Dr. Mary Redmond. The paper, which was originally presented at the Céifin Conference in 1998, includes the seeds of ideas that would lead to the foundation of The Wheel in 1999.

The book is available in print and digital format.

Download the Book