BeLonG To Youth Services Requests Survey Participants

Posted on 25 Mar 2019

The LGBTI+ National Youth Strategy 2018-2020 was launched in June 2018 as a cross-Government strategy driven and coordinated by the Department of Children and Youth Affairs (DCYA).

As part of that strategy, the DCYA, in partnership with the Education and Training Board (ETB) sector, committed to mapping existing LGBTI+ youth services and groups and to increase the awareness of these services and consider increasing the provision of non-alcoholic safe spaces which are inclusive of LGBTI+ young people. BeLonG To Youth Services have been appointed project lead on this mapping project and are asking Dublin City based services to participate in the following survey:

Participating services should either specifically target LGBTI+ young people or should be actively inclusive of them. In order for a group to be considered actively inclusive of LGBTI+ young people, the organisation/groups must be able to demonstrate the inclusion criteria outlined within the survey.

If you require more information on the inclusion criteria, the purpose of the project or any other information, please get in contact with Matt Kennedy via