DFA Emigrant Support Programme: Applications Closing Soon

Posted on 12 Feb 2019

The DFA Emigrant Support Programme is inviting applications from charities, charitable bodies or voluntary/not-for-profit organisations which seek to fulfil one or more of the following objectives:


  • Address the diverse and evolving needs of Irish emigrants, especially the elderly, disadvantaged and vulnerable;
  • Facilitate access to statutory and voluntary services in their country of residence for Irish emigrants;
  • Support projects which address social isolation and actively improve the physical and mental health of older Irish people.


  • Celebrate, maintain and strengthen the links between Ireland and the Global Irish;
  • Foster a more vibrant sense of community and of Irish identity;
  • Support business networks to connect Irish people to each other at home and abroad;
  • Research and define the emerging needs of Irish communities abroad;
  • Support development of new ways to communicate and connect with the increasingly diverse global Irish, including non-traditional diasporas and young emigrants;
  • Improve awareness and understanding of the Irish emigrant and diaspora experience.

Intergenerational Links

  • In 2019 we are particularly interested in supporting intergenerational projects which provide channels for interaction between older and younger members of Irish communities.


  • Projects can be submitted by an individual organisation or by a number of organisations working together to address an identified need or opportunity.

How to Apply

Full details available here.