Public Consultation launched on Regulation of Online Political Advertising in Ireland

Posted on 10 Oct 2018

Following publication of the first report of the Interdepartmental Group on Security of Ireland’s Electoral Process and Disinformation, a public consultation has launched on ‘Regulation of Online Political Advertising in Ireland’, inviting views and comments from all stakeholders and members of the public.  

A discussion paper, which briefly outlines the issues and challenges involved in regulating transparency of online political advertising is provided to stakeholders to assist submissions but should not be seen as exhaustive or indicative of government policy.  

This consultation will provide a basis for an Open Policy Forum involving main stakeholders to be held in November 2018. The aim of the forum will be to identify policy solutions that respect the right to freedom of expression and relevant EU law while promoting the transparency necessary to open political discourse in a democracy that will protect electoral processes from hidden influences and disinformation.

The closing date for submissions is 19th October 2018.  Please reply by email to:    

Please see link to Public Consultation.