European Movement Ireland Launches Brexit A-Z Online Resource

Posted on 7 Jul 2018 Last updated on 31 Aug 2018

The pending withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union is just over a year away and Brexit has introduced countless new and existing terms into mainstream vocabulary. We now hear words such as Customs Union and Cherry Picking, Protocol and Priorities on an almost daily basis. But, without a clear understanding of these terms and knowledge of the jargon of European politics and the European Institutions, it can sometimes be difficult to follow the Brexit negotiations.

Enter European Movement Ireland’s Brexit A to Z.

European Movement Ireland has compiled a list of the top 100 Brexit-related terms and translated them into clear and digestible language. The guide’s aim is simple: to provide definitions of the words that dominate the Brexit discourse and act as a handy resource to help in deciphering the complexities of Brexit.                                   

European Movement Ireland has been engaged on Brexit since early 2015, recognising it as an issue of vital importance for Ireland and indeed for the EU.  We have held a series of National Conversation Dialogues around the country, to help to inform and stimulate debate on the issue. These have been combined with the publication of a number of European Movement Ireland’s Just the Facts policy briefings on Brexit, shining a light on the multifaceted and numerous issues which have sprung from the UK’s vote. As an organisation, a core part of our work continues to focus on all the latest Brexit developments, as well as the Future of Europe process.

This guide is not meant to be exhaustive. Nor could the European Movement Ireland ever claim it to be, with developments changing so quickly. Rather, European Movement Ireland’s Brexit A to Z is intended to be an ever-evolving online resource that will be continually updated throughout the Brexit negotiations and beyond. All comments and recommendations are welcome, so please do get in touch with them. From A to Z, European Movement Ireland do hope you find the guide useful in navigating the Brexit process, over the months and years ahead.

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