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“The Wheel is a force for good in Irish society.”

- President Michael D Higgins

By joining The Wheel, you will become part of a movement of people and organisations who believe that by working together we can shape Ireland’s future.

We are an authoritative and trusted voice for the sector, and we are enthusiastically committed to transparency, accountability, and the highest standards of practice and governance. Together, we work to ensure that the sector is recognised and respected, adequately resourced and appropriately regulated.

With a host of strategic and practical services and supports at your disposal, you will be empowered to make the greatest impact you can for your beneficiaries and the communities you serve. The breadth of our training offering and the scale of our services makes us a valuable resource for small and larger organisations alike.

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Types of Membership

  • Full Membership is open to all independently governed and constituted community, voluntary or charitable organisations.
  • Associate Membership is open to all other types of organisations including public sector, academic, commercial and for profit organisations.
  • Individual Membership: Individuals who are interested in or working for the community and voluntary sector in Ireland but not affiliated with a particular organisation can join as Individual members.

Membership costs operate on a sliding scale depending on your turnover, starting from free for charities, community and voluntary organisations, and social enterprises with an annual income below €25,000. Annual Income Band is the total income received by your organisation in one year, including all sources of statutory and other funding, earned income, donations, etc.

Who can apply for Membership of The Wheel?

Any organisation or individual working, involved, or interested in the community and voluntary sector, in Ireland.

    Small Organisations

    Volunteer-led organisations that make a massive contribution to their communities with few resources.

    Annual Income BandFee per Annum

    €0 - €25,000


    (€25 for
    private companies)

    €25,001 - €75,000

    € 75

    Member Services

    Medium Organisations

    Growing organisations with a turnover below €1 Million per annum.

    Annual Income Band

    Fee per Annum

    €75,001 - €250,000

    € 150

    €250,000 - €500,000

    € 330

     €500,000 - €1,000,000

    € 450

    Member Services

    Large Organisations

    Complex organisations with a turnover above €1 Million per annum.

    Annual Income Band

    Fee per Annum

    €1,000,000 - €5,000,000

    € 600

    €5,000,000 +

    € 750

    Member Services


    Individuals who are interested in, or working for, the community and voluntary sector in Ireland, but not affiliated with a member organisation.


    Fee per Annum




    € 25

    Member Services

    What others are saying:

    "The Wheel is an essential guardian of civil society space in Ireland, and membership not only pays for itself in terms of access to training, briefings, networking and other services, but also strengthens the entire sector.”
     - Patricia  Groves, Trócaire

    "Being a member of The Wheel allows us to contribute to the debate on the challenges facing the voluntary sector in Ireland."
     - Patrick Little, Migraine Association of Ireland

    “The Wheel is an invaluable resource for the sector.”
     - Mary Cunningham, National Youth Council of Ireland

    “The work of The Wheel reminds us of how active citizenship can change our country for the better.”
     - An Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar


    Maria Casey

    For any queries about joining us, or if you’re an existing member, contact our Membership & Accounts Officer, Maria Casey on 01-4548727 or


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    “The Wheel keeps us connected and focused on the big picture.”

     - Gabriel Lavin, County Roscommon Disability Support Group