2into3: Consulting

2into3 works to build the capacity of your organisation enabling you to have a transformative social impact. They are passionate about supporting you to have a greater impact in your community, whether you are a charity, sporting organisation, government body, social enterprise, philanthropist or private company. With offices in Dublin, Belfast, Cork and Galway, 2into3 works across the entire island of Ireland and has a proven track record with over 360 clients availing of its services.

2into3’s Services:

  • Strategic Planning
    Move your organisation in the right direction with a tailored strategic plan that will deliver impact with a renewed sense of purpose.

            Contact Luna Atkins at (086) 063 4932.

  • Governance
    Creating a focused governance plan will speed the journey to good and sustainable governance practices, by the board and the executive team.

            Contact Penelope Kenny at (086) 013 1561.

  • Fundraising Strategy
    Develop the skills to grow and diversify your income as a resilient fundraising organisation under 2into3’s professional guidance and range of services.

            Contact Rob Foley at (086) 032 7935

  • Grants
    Each organisation requires different support during your grant application. The 2into3 grants team provide tailored solutions at every step of your grant process.  Stand-alone feasibility studies are also offered.

            Contact Patricia Keenan at (086) 065 7347.

  • Partnerships
    Build your purpose-led corporate-charity partnership that focuses on long-term societal value, whether you are a private company, a nonprofit, or social enterprise.

            Contact Denise Cranston at (086) 085 5836

  • Organisation Reviews
    Bring in an outside eye to help you ensure that your organisational structure is fit-for-purpose for delivering your Strategy and your Mission.

            Contact Luna Atkins at (086) 063 4932

  • Service Reviews
    For many mission-driven organisations, services are the main way they deliver their mission. Over time, organisations may feel that their services are not having the desired impact. It is important to review your services in order to meet the needs of those who require your services.

            Contact Luna Atkins at (086) 063 4932

For more information on 2into3’s practice areas, visit their website or contact 2into3 to find out about their other services.