Remember Us

Remember Us provides a unique social outlet to people with special needs and their families in the North Fingal region. Although based in Balbriggan, our members come from areas such as Santry, Clontarf, Swords, Malahide, Portmarnock, Lusk, Rush, Skerries, Balbriggan, Bettystown, Ashbourne, Drogheda etc. It is the families that are the members; this means that not only the individual with special needs benefits from our group but their parents/carers and siblings too.

Member Q&A

What is your goal? 

To provide support to diverse minority communities so they can pursue their full potential and highlighting opportunities in the area of tech by engaging them through inclusive events and networking. 

How have you been working towards it? 

Yes. We started in 1998. We provided social outlets for special needs young people/Adults through various activities, outings, Easter and Summer camps, family respite breaks, parents classes, and information sessions sibling sessions and lots more.  

How has being a member of The Wheel helped? 

Training opportunities and keeping us up to date with the ever changing world. 

How can people support you? 

By becoming a volunteer. By donating to our charity through the donate button on our website 

Do you have any success stories to share? 

We bought and fitted a new 10,000 square ft building all through fundraising and some grants. We own the building outright. This gives our special members and their families a state-of-the-art facility where they can participate in various activities and programs. Please check out our website for full details of the facilities we have and the different activities we provide. 

Where can people find you on social media? 


Facebook: Remember Us  

Remember Us