The Rehab Group

The Rehab Group is a charity that provides services for over 20,000 adults and children, and champions the value of diversity and inclusion for people with disabilities or disadvantage in their communities throughout Ireland and the UK.

Member Q&A

What is your goal? 

Our mission is helping the people we serve to be more independent, helping them to contribute to and be more included in their communities, empowering them with the skills and confidence to be active in the workforce, and supporting them to be in charge of their health and wellness.  

Our vision is that we are a charity that champions the value of diversity and inclusion for people with a disability or disadvantage, in their communities. Together, we will constantly learn and seek to provide excellent services to foster and enhance social and economic independence.  

Our values underpin all we do, shape who we are and how we work with one another, in our organisation and in the community.  

  • Advocacy: Challenge exclusion and promote inclusion  

  • Quality: Strive for excellence in all aspects of our work  

  • Dignity: Respect the unique worth of every person (that includes people who access our services, families, employees and volunteers)  

  • Justice: Act with integrity, honesty, commitment and accountability in everything we do to ensure equity, fairness and transparency  

  • Team Work: Foster an environment that encourages change, growth, trust in our organisation and in partnership with others, working together as one Rehab team 

How has being a member of The Wheel helped? 

The Wheel is a great collaborative community and a way to stay connected in the industry. 

How can people support you? 

 We hope that people will support our organisation by supporting our advocacy campaigns. We provide support for people with disabilities to live a life of their choosing and we offer training and educational opportunities for people with a disability, mental health issue, or illness. 

Do you have any success stories to share? 

We have many recent success stories. Recently, our RehabCare service in Tullamore has had great success with a new virtual programme called 'Staying Connected'.  

Socialisation has always been central to the support provided but with the arrival Covid-19, the staff were forced to significantly curtail the numbers of people allowed within the centres. Although outreach support was provided, isolation from peers became a very real threat. 

 'Staying Connected' was born, an online hub of activities and events, designed for 90 people in the services across Tullamore.  

Amy, Programme Supervisor at RehabCare Tullamore, says, “The programme took away a lot of the fear that the staff and the families were feeling, that people's social needs wouldn't be met. Everybody on the programme is getting to know everybody, and, in a way, we're more connected than ever before.” 

Where can people find out more about your organisation?


Facebook: TheRehabGroup   

Twitter: @RehabGroup  

The Rehab Group