Friends of the Elderly

Posted on 5 May 2021

Friends of the Elderly is an Irish volunteer based charity established in 1980 to bring friendship and companionship to older people living alone or who feel lonely. 

Member Q&A

What is your goal? 

To alleviate loneliness and isolation among older people. 

How have you been working towards it? 

The programme of supports that FOE normally provide has radically changed in light of COVID.  Pre-COVID we would provide home visitation, friendly call service, social clubs, day trips, Christmas dinners. 

How has being a member of The Wheel helped? 

We’ve found their events very helpful. 

How can people support you? 

We need donations to help support our organisation as we do not receive government donations. Volunteers are required to help us carry out our work. 

Do you have any success stories to share? 

We have had some very positive outcomes through our work here at FOE.   

One such story is that of Susan, who never had a friend in her live until she was introduced to FOE when she was 71.  She now has a home visitation volunteer who is truly her best friend. She attends our social clubs, and this was her first time feeling she was among a group of friends. She even built up the courage to take the mic and sing.  She told us she never thought she would feel that she belonged anywhere.  

There are many, many more stories. 

Where can people find you on social media? 


Facebook: Friends of the Elderly, Ireland 

Instagram: @friendsoftheelderlyirl 

Friends of the Elderly