Posted on 5 May 2021

Our vision is empowered women creating and sharing their own stories about their lives.

Member Q&A

What is your goal? 

Our mission is to visually educate and make technologically aware women from diverse backgrounds through documentary photography made accessible by mobile phone cameras. 

How have you been working towards it? 

Since 2015 femLENS has worked with local community centres, libraries, activist group,s and NGOs providing documentary photography workshops to women and girls from diverse cultural and economic backgrounds, organising photo exhibitions, and publishing books and magazines. 

How can people support you? 

We always need volunteers with experience in design and social media, as well as grant writing.  Just spreading the word about the beautiful stories done by our workshop participants is also really helpful! 

Do you have any success stories to share? 

One of our biggest impact stories is when one of our workshop participants, a Syrian refugee living in a refugee camp, won $5000 in a photo competition with a photograph she took during our workshops. 

Where can people find you on social media? 

Website: www.femlens.com 

Facebook: femLENS 

Twitter: @femLENSphoto   

Instagram: femlens 

LinkenIn: femLENS