Using Infographics To Tell Your Fundraising Story

Most of us will by now have noticed those colourful and data-laden images floating around the internet, in which companies and organisations present all sorts of exciting statistics using bright and ever-so-trendy graphics. Well, those images are called infographics. They are literally a combination of information and graphics and their popularity is very much on the rise.

Infographics offer a visually compelling method of delivering information that, without the sexy graphics, might otherwise be dry and boring or simply lost in translation. As we have said here before on several occassions, it is crucial that all fundraisers make sure that they are constantly keeping their donors / the public informed about their most recent activities. And so, what better and more modern way to achieve this than through producing a swanky and eye-catching infographic? 

Don't Know How? Not a problem...

There are plenty of free programmes and websites out there that can help you to create your first infographic (most offering at least some free level of functionality), so that you can start turning your stats into a status symbol. The first step you'll want to take before advancing however is to consider precisely what information-story you are trying to tell your supporters. Start out by clicking on the image below to visit a gallery full of nonprofit infographics. Take the time to familiarise yourself with these excellent examples of information storytelling at its best.

Now, don't worry, your infographic doesn't have to be as impressive as the ones featured above - they are, after all, the cream of the internet crop - but nevertheless, hopefully they will have given you a few ideas about how to advance.

So, once you have gathered your internet stats and inspiration, you may then want to consider the following infographic generating websites / programmes (unless of course you have decided to whip your infographic using Photoshop or similar, that is - if so, read this): 

  • - create free custom infographics in seconds with Create.
  • Piktochart - piktochart helps users create engaging presentations from their data/information.
  • - create free interactive charts and infographics
  • Google Chart Tools - provides several tools for making data more comprehensible and which you can then display on your website. 
  • Wordle - Wordle is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide.
  • Canva - easy drag and drop infographic creator that's almost entirely free (unless you decide to go for optional upgrades).

(Note: Fundingpoint does not endorse of any of the websites listed above - we provide this resource signposting for information purposes only. Some offer (sometimes limited) free services, while others require payment. Please explore the solution that works best for you.)