Local Elections 2024: The Future is Community

Text: The Future is Community, Local Elections 2024

Our communities face real challenges. To thrive, they need local leaders to advocate for the services and amenities that underpin them.

Civic engagement leads to communities that are more resilient and engaged,*  and Ireland's charities and community organisations are a vital part of that social structure. They are a network of supports and resources at work in every town and city across the country. In many cases, they fill gaps left by the state in providing much-needed services. Without them, our society would be diminished.  

We are asking candidates for the local elections to support the Future is Community campaign by signing a pledge to champion the work of Ireland’s community and voluntary sector in Local Government. 

A strong, vibrant, and independent community and voluntary sector is essential for a just society and a healthy democracy.   

Sign the Pledge

Voting Matters Ireland

Voting Matters Ireland is an initiative of Alice Public Relations, an award-winning Public Relations Agency that delivers change to makes Ireland and the world a better place. Led by Alice’s Chairperson, Dermot Ryan, Voting Matters aims to promote the importance of voting through information and engagement; and to combat disinformation and misinformation about democracy, politics and political representatives.

The Wheel supports this website, and encourages all to visit here: www.votingmatters.ie


The pledge has four main themes, based on the values important to our sector:

  • Championing the causes of the community and voluntary (CV) sector in your local area
  • Speaking up for local action and use your voice to ensure that local groups and organisations can thrive
  • Working in partnership with local charities, community groups, and social enterprises and ensuring that they are fully supported
  • Recognising and advocating for social enterprises as a vital part of the local economy 
  • Modelling participative dialogue in processes involving the local CV sector 
  • Working to embed the Values and Principles for Collaboration and Partnership Working with the Community and Voluntary Sector in Local Government decision making 
  • Working to build an inclusive local community respectful of all cultures and traditions 
  • Taking action now to incorporate the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into your work at local level

Sign the Pledge

FAQs for candidates

Why is this pledge important?

We know that local election candidates are already deeply embedded in their communities, and that councillors see themselves, first and foremost, as advocates, problem-solvers, information conduits, and civic leaders. Most cite “their experiences and backgrounds in community work (in its broadest sense) and voluntary organisations [as most important] among the factors that motivated them to stand for election to local government.”** This pledge is a chance to demonstrate that commitment.  

How can I, as a candidate, share my support of the campaign publicly after I have signed the pledge?

You can download an image that you can share on social media here, or find a badge that you can add to your website here.

What is The Wheel?

The Wheel is Ireland's national representative body for charities, community groups, and social enterprises, with more than 2,300 members across the country. We are a representative and supportive voice for the sector, providing training for and advocating on behalf of our members. Our vision is for a thriving community and voluntary sector at the heart of a just, fair, and inclusive society.

I would like to know more before I sign the pledge, who do I contact?

Please get in touch with our Campaigns Manager, Emily Bourke, at emily@wheel.ie with any questions you may have.

The Wheel’s The Future is Community campaign does not endorse any particular candidate or political party. All candidates are welcome to sign our pledge and this does not serve as an endorsement of their candidacy or views.