Community Matters

Local and European Elections, 24 May 2019

Community Matters celebrates the real and valuable impact charities, community and voluntary organisations and social enterprises have on the day to day lives of people in every community. Community Matters highlights how those represented at both local and EU level can better support their work and elevate their voice.

For a brief introduction to the Community Matters campaign, have a listen to the following radio interview with The Wheel (92.5 Phoenix FM on Friday 19 April).

We are asking you to support Community Matters to champion the work of charities and the community and voluntary sector in every community across Ireland.

By supporting the campaign, you commit to:

  1. Valuing the nonprofit sector
  2. Making the future secure
  3. Listening local-advocating national or in Europe
  4. Focusing on those we support
  5. Giving us a seat at the table.

A strong, vibrant and independent charity, community and voluntary sector is essential for a fair and just society and a healthy democracy. We all know, the sector is the backbone of every local community. It champions diversity and inclusion, offering support for those most vulnerable in society.

To show your support sign our pledge (see below) and publicly support Community Matters by using the #valuecommunity so the people in your community can prioritise the candidates that prioritise them.


Sign the Pledge


Sign the Pledge

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